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Wacom’s newest artist gadget is the Inking, a digital ballpoint pen that captures your lines as you draw on any sketchbook or piece of paper.

I’m unsure if I’d find any use out of this apart from novelty.

An interesting idea, but this looks like something that I would have to really play around with before putting down $200 on it. Wish WACOM would have more demos of this stuff, places.

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Updated version of my old political cartoon. I don’t usually dabble in political cartoons, but I thought this one was absurd enough to capture (from an old Wall Street Journal article from the early part of this year).

Was a good reason to play with my Wacom settings. Decided that I had enough with the “soft” settings, as I have a pretty heavy brush hand. Set the tablet to “hard” and got MUCH more controlled lines than before.

I always tell people, if you aren’t gonna mess with the settings, you shouldn’t have a Wacom tablet.

Just a quick sketch up before I go to bed. Not sure why I want to warm up my drawing BEFORE I settle in, but you never know when the urge strikes you. It’s 3:00 AM just abouts.

Usually I draw people that I find randomly online, and not someone I necessarily follow, but this is of the lovely of mind and body

No idea where the thought to choose her came from. Hope she approves.

Just a warm up illustration from this morning. In photoshop, medium opacity brushes. I love having a Wacom tablet…

List of Things I May Get

Got my tax money back, and low and behold my ability to plan what I’m writing off works gloriously again (note to designers: do research and write off as much as you know you can, every bit helps). So, with my new found faux-wealth, I’m going to perform my annual What Can I Re-Invest into dance. Here are my thoughts on what I may get to help my personal and freelance art needs…

Flip HD
I’ve wanted a Flip for a while now. The idea that I can just whip out and easy camera for things like the projects as well as family get togethers is tempting. I just saw that Flip HDs were spotted in the wild at Best Buy, so this times perfect. Problem: I have a Droid that has a decent video camera. I also don’t use cameras enough to warrant having one besides a couple projects and sheer gadget vanity. Probably a pass.

Wacom Intuos4 (Bluetooth)
This is a major contender. My Intuos3 is aging and, while fully functional and in perfect condition, is beginning to get small for me (it’s a 6”x12” widescreen version, limited edition from Wacom). A plus is that I could sell my SE Black Wacom to offset some of the cost of the I4. Problem: This is a major chuck of my cash. At nearly $700 that’s just over the budget of the part of my tax return I wanted to spend. Still, probably a buy.

Brand New 24” Monitors
I’ve wanted to go with dual screen 24” for a while now. My work single 24” iMac seems to be a better desktop screen space than my two 22’s I currently have. This fits perfectly into my budget. I could even bring one of my 22’s to work and have a dual screening of the iMac (drool) while selling the other monitor (probably the LG). This would also fix the color issues I have—note: Never buy two different monitors to dual screen if you’re an artist. Problem: Again, this is tech masturbation at best. I don’t need two 24” monitors, I just want them. Probably not a buy.

iPad (Wi-Fi, No 3G)
Yeah, I know what you’re saying, ‘Jeff, you’ve been bitching about the iPad since it’s debut. WTF?’ and you’re right, I would be highly hypocritical on this issue. However, being able to read news stories and such in bed, on my couch or somewhere similar is extremely tempting. I know better tablets will be coming, the problem is—and I know this looking at my current phone—that it has taken a long time for a company to make good competing products… My Droid is… what? About 2 years into the iPhone’s initial pitch? Do I want to wait 2 years for something good? Will the Courier ever be debuted? Problem: I’d be a gigantic hypocrite and look like an ass. There are better devices coming… not counting the time they’ will take to get here. This would be a bit of gadget vanity (though more useful). Price will probably drop soon enough, and the next gen will have more features. Possible buy.

So, opinions on what I should get?