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Good ‘ol Woodrow Wilson.

(Reblogged from sirmitchell)

Updated version of my old political cartoon. I don’t usually dabble in political cartoons, but I thought this one was absurd enough to capture (from an old Wall Street Journal article from the early part of this year).

Was a good reason to play with my Wacom settings. Decided that I had enough with the “soft” settings, as I have a pretty heavy brush hand. Set the tablet to “hard” and got MUCH more controlled lines than before.

I always tell people, if you aren’t gonna mess with the settings, you shouldn’t have a Wacom tablet.

Read some stuff about how some people think Obama writes speeches aimed at a 9th Grade reading level. Considering America has a 4th Grade reading level, they think that’s a problem. I’d say that of all the things to dislike Obama because, they fact he writes good speeches is NOT a big issue.