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Things Tumblr Has Taught Me

1. The community of people in which I have the least in common with is Tumblr.


2. I’m old, but not as old as I claim. Though Tumblr makes me feel way older.


3. Everyone loves porn. Everyone.


4. You cannot believe any photo or story if it’s being passed around on Tumblr. Any. Of. Them.


5. “Signal Boosting” is the best way to make yourself feel good without doing a damn thing to help at all.


6. Add GIFs to everything.


We’re doing Easter at Becksmann&Co. Every day, Monday-Friday, there will be a new comic up on the site. So make sure to check the comic each morning.

Joe put a lot of work into his comics and is doing a ton of repenting because of it.  I’m tired and full of ibuprofen and caffeine.


Updated version of my old political cartoon. I don’t usually dabble in political cartoons, but I thought this one was absurd enough to capture (from an old Wall Street Journal article from the early part of this year).

Was a good reason to play with my Wacom settings. Decided that I had enough with the “soft” settings, as I have a pretty heavy brush hand. Set the tablet to “hard” and got MUCH more controlled lines than before.

I always tell people, if you aren’t gonna mess with the settings, you shouldn’t have a Wacom tablet.


Just a tip I figured out on my world travels. I believe it was Barcelona that I first found this out.

Just finished a new Becksmann piece. I think Becksy likes it. Hard to tell, as him liking and disliking something usually ends up with him yelling incoherently and waving a gun in my face.