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The Designer’s Problem

I’ll preface this post with this little disclaimer: While I assume that all creatives—be their profession photography, copy or whatever—have this same issue, I can only speak from the vantage of a graphic designer and illustrator. I’d love to find out if my gut feeling on that is true, but if not them I’m speaking from my own profession.

Only designers understand designers. While I can try to explain the problems that affect me as a professional, I rarely seem to get the point across. Is from my lack of ability or persuasion? I’m not sure.

It seems like people in other careerss can allow the water to roll off their back easier. They can allow issues and bad practises and bad work to not get to them. Designers aren’t like that. Designers can’t not care.

Designers don’t work in Graphic Design, they are graphic design.

When you do bad work, you feel bad. When you do good work, you feel good. If you’ve done something you know is wrong, then your feel morally and ethically wrong. When you’ve helped someone else with your work, you feel like you’re on top of the fucking world.

There is no going home and decompression and shrugging the day off. There is no escape from yourself.

I hope all creatives feel that way. I hope everyone passionate about their work feel that way. If you don’t, I’d question whether you’re doing what you love or whether you’re just doing a job.

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Spew Bags

Gemma O’Brien draws beautiful type puking puns.

Today in the file labeled “Fun on Planes…”

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Branding for Dubai based restaurant KrisKros, designed by WonderEight.

Oh wow, this branding is really good looking. I love the patterning.

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“Remember you are making a real thing and not merely a picture of a thing.” —Eric Gill

Excellent words.

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An end of day study. I’ve been looking at a lot of old-school tattoo inspired art and especially the coloring that is done with 5-9 prong needles to get that nice, smooth color look. My simple attempt to grab a few techniques from what I’ve observed.

I might start doing more of a tattoo apprentice type practice deal—such as drawing certain art over and over—to try to get some of my skills back as an illustrator. A tattoo-style of artwork really does augment my current drawing style. Heavy lines, simple and striking color… Might be helpful.