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Now with safelink wireless seniors can butt dial their grandkids for up to 250 minutes a month for free AND get a free cell phone!

I wonder if Randy realizes that since phones got touch screens, butt dialing basically died off about 4 years ago. Same time as his jokes, apparently.

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The original background artwork from the television series Samurai Jack by illustrator Scott Wills :: via

Loving this artwork from Scott Wills. The texture in it is just amazing.

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While waiting for some major files to upload on a project, I drew a monster with some stubble. Some call him the Stubble Monster. Other don’t.

Just a quick 5 minutes sketch in both Sketchbook Pro (for the lines) and Photoshop (for the inks). Self portrait.

Adobe Ideas is helping me get a little more loose with my cartooning work. I like how it constricts my strokes enough (and my fluidity) and helps me toss away details I don’t need.

Just a little shot of my work table next to my illustration board. These are some of the tools that make the Becksmann magic happen.

Pens I use Micron pens from sizes .005 to .03 (I really need a .05, but all in good time). Pencils I use Derwent technical pencils for most the initial rough sketches and .05 and .07 mechanical pencils with HB graphite for the pre-inked final outlines. Lower right you’ll see a straight-razor. This isn’t to cut my arms after I run out of money to pay my bills as an illustrator, this is to sharpen pencils. Amish style.

Also, not shown, are my lightbox (thank you whoever invented this wonderful tool), various B graphite large pencils, brushes of various sizes, Higgins ink and Pro-white for mistakes.

All that crap goes into making this crap: