So, with a lot of my new promotional stuff either under way or being picked up tomorrow, as well as Becksmann&Co running pretty smooth at this point, I can focus a bit more on doing personal illustrations that I want.

A little back story to this planned illustration is that years ago I was in contact with Leyla Rose, a Scottish Burlesque dancer. I enjoyed her performances and look, so offered to do a piece for her. I was just learning my style, really, so I didn’t mind taking on a few jobs to just learn (I’m still not, though now I have the choice of who to seek out).

The piece I was working on got covered in for-pay work, and I pushed it to the side. Recently, I came across it and decided to scrap all my previous progress and take to if fresh. The above is a prelim-sketch in Autodesk Sketchbook. Super rough (you can tell by the wonky eyes).

Hopefully this time I can do the source material some justice.