JKoromi's Sketchbook
I'm an award winning graphic designer, web designer and illustrator. I'm open for commission and freelance work. I rarely re-blog things, but some stuff catches my eye. Below are things I like and to the left are things I think. Choose wisely.


Ive trained my cats to think they’re in charge, and to think they exact a tribute of two breakfasts from me each morning.

Initially I feed them each half a small can of salmon. The white cat finishes first, and scratches at the cabinets for more. As if in response, I feed them each a half can of whitefish, exactly as I always intended to. They finish with gusto, convinced that they’ve won.

I am so in client services.

And if you want to know how to succeed in client services, I’ve just told you.


Jeffrey Zeldman

(Source: zeldman.com)